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For over 20 years we've focused exclusively on mental health billing solutions.
Paragon: Medical Billing
Specialists Since 2001
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Our passion is simple, to make your life easier so you can focus on what matters most.
Paragon: Medical
Billing Specialists
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Paragon (n) – a model or pattern of excellence.

We’re in the business of breakthroughs.

We’re innovators in billing, strategists and entrepreneurs and we’re committed to collecting every penny we can – on your behalf.


Leveraging nearly two decades of experience in Revenue Cycle Management focused on mental health practices like yours, we know how to help you build more than a better billing model. We built an EHR for you – one that fully integrates with our billing software. This positions us to speedily process your claims in 24 hours or less, and provides you with insights into your practice that would take a Team of people to do on-site!  This Paragon Technology Solution is provided at a fraction of the cost of in-house resources.


We help you articulate your priorities so that you can focus and unleash your resources against the work that matters most to drive your business growth. 

Leading practices have clarity of purpose, make choices about where to focus time and resources, engage the broader organization, and nurture a culture that is connected, creative and agile. We help you and your team assemble an insights-driven perspective on your client base, articulate your goals, and define what is – and what is not – essential to achieving them. 


The here and now is powerful. Most practices need to direct their energy and resources to the larger, high-priority segments of the business, like finding, on-boarding, and supporting Patients.

Leverage our technology and the deep domain expertise of our people, to give you more time to build your Practice. Why work nights and weekends trying to figure out denials and delays… when you could be adding clients and booking more appointments. Save your energy and let us do the heavy lifting – we’re used to it! 


Competition is everywhere. The pressure is enormous. Every leader and team faces crucible moments when they are challenged to breakthrough to the next level of their potential. We help you find that next level. Our Team can help you and your Team with better Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions that will move your practice to the front of the line. Our reporting can help you define which Insurance Carriers truly are the better Payors!


“I'd recommend the Paragon Team to any practice that needs dedicated people - who are passionate billers - and want to help you collect the most possible on every claim.”
James D'Aurora

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