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Paragon provides a wide array of reports.  Some are designed to summarize your data, and others are designed to provide the nitty-gritty detail of transactions.  Still other reports are designed to capture and report issues and exceptions.  Lastly, some reports are designed specifically to provide information for tax reporting purposes.  Here are some of the reports you will see:


Balance Due Web Page

Okay, this one isn’t really a report, but we think it is the best place to start if you want to see what is happening with a particular client’s account.  This page on the Calendar/EHR web page shows you, at a glance, how much your client owes you today.  It also lists all date of service to-date, showing the amounts paid by insurance and by the patient.  Notes regarding insurance issues are also displayed.


Clinic Summary

If you are a multi-practitioner clinic, this report will give you the details you may need to reimburse individual practitioners for their services.  There is a single line item on the report for each practitioner.  It shows their total receipts for the month, as well as, showing a breakout of those receipts (patient vs. insurance company receipts).  This is the most common report used for payroll purposes.  It can be generated twice per month if you do two payrolls per month.


Monthly Transaction Summary

This one-page report is printed at the end of each accounting month and summarizes transaction totals at the clinic/practice level.  It is often the report used by the clinics’ accountant (along with the Clinic Summary report) to reconcile one month to the next.


Quarterly Receipts Summary

This report is only generated for clinics and practices located in Minnesota.  Though printed monthly, it lists quarterly totals in line items that correspond your MinnesotaCare Tax exemptions and taxable totals.  The report generated for December is the one that contains all the amounts as should be used on the final, annual tax filing.  It also contains additional information about how and when to file, at the bottom of this one page report.


Billing Status Report

This report has one line for each active patient.  The “Pay This Amt” column shows you the amount we listed in the “Pay This Amt” box on your clients’ statements.  It’s what they owed at the end of month.  Watch this report closely to avoid an excessive exposure; that is, please talk to us or your client if you are uncomfortable with the amount owed by the patient.  The rightmost column on this report will indicate if they are in some phase of collections.  But remember:  they will not advance past Collections Phase 1 if they are still seeing you.  You should speak with them about their bill if it is delinquent and they are still coming in for services.


Patient Account Aging

This monthly report has one line for each patient account that has a non-zero balance.  A standard aging breakout is shown.  It ages the entire outstanding amount, not just the patient portion.


Account Balance Summary

This report looks back several months and shows the dates of service that have not been paid down to zero.  It only shows those dates that have a non-zero balance.  Charges that were paid in full during the month will never show up on this report.  The report shows you how much was paid or adjusted off by the insurance company, and how much was paid or not paid by the patient.  It is a handy report for getting a quick “visual” on what’s happening with the account.


Patient Account Ledger

This report shows every transaction that was entered by each patient account during the month.  It also summarizes the personal receipts and insurance receipts for the month for each patient.  Totals for all patients are shown at the end of the report.  This is the report that will show you all of the detail that went into the Clinic Summary, from which the clinic determined your receipts for the month.  If you are paid twice per month, this report contains the details for both checks.  You should save this report for seven years to satisfy record-keeping requirements.


Unsubmitted Claims Report

If we have insurance information for your client but are unable to submit claims to that insurance company because a piece of critical information is missing, we generate a short report to bring this to your attention.  You can handwrite a note on the report, sending it back to us with the missing information.


Denied Claims That May Require Your Attention

Paragon’s systems and staff consider that at any point in time, every billable charge is either our responsibility, your client’s responsibility, or your own responsibility.  For example, if a claim is denied erroneously by an insurance company, or is not paid correctly, that billable charge is Paragon’s responsibility.  If the claim denies because the policy has terminated, it is your client’s responsibility.  If it denies because there is no authorization where one is required, and assuming that you are contracted with that insurance company, the responsibility falls on you.


The Denied Claims report will list those denials that fall into your realm of responsibility, or your clients’ realm of responsibility.  If it is your client’s responsibility, we tell you that up front and we bill your client for the charge.  Your client then either pays the bill or perhaps sends new insurance information to replace a terminated policy.  In either case, we inform you just to keep you apprised of the situation.


If it is your responsibility, you can scribble notes right on the report and return it to Paragon for further processing or you can notify us of the change through the Support Center located within the Calendar for a quicker response.  (Although you are always free to contact us using other means, returning this report with your instructions makes it easier for our staff to know exactly what we need to do with the new information you are providing us.)


Missing Information Report

This report is a request for information.  It will list accounts for which we never received any information, or for which we are lacking some critical information.  If the report lists only a name, please be sure to notify us of the change through the Support Center located within the Calendar for a quicker response with insurance information or other billing details.  Additionally, you may need to add a patient address on the website.  As with other “exception” reports it is best to return the report with the requested information as we know why you are sending the information.  For instance, with a copy of the report, we may see that the patient is in our database with a different name than the one you used when submitting other information to us.

Delinquent Account Information

This one-page-per-patient report is printed at the end of the month for patient accounts that have run through all of the collection cycles.  If this report has been printed, it indicates that there is no point in continuing to bill the patient.  You should now decide if the account should be forwarded to a collections agency, or written off as a bad debt.  If you are using the collection agency with which Paragon works, forward the report to Paragon indicating that it should go to collections.  We will never send an account to collections without your approval.  If you choose to write off the balance due, forward the report to us, circling the option to write off the balance.  If you use a collection agency other than the one with which we work, forward the account to your collections agency, but let us know that you did so.

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